National Oil-equipment Manufacturers and Delegates Society - NOMADS

"It is the duty of all good NOMADS.... and there must be no other kind... to create good will among oil equipment manufacturers, oil companies and Foreign Governments..."

The Oil Club
NOMADS works with other major oil and gas associations and petroleum societies in the Houston area to disseminate knowledge about the international oilfield, to help those seeking jobs in the energy industry, and to foster friendships for energy professional found across a range of disciplines in the international oil and gas industries. 


Dinner Meetings

NOMADS holds monthly petroleum society meetings at the Houston Engineering and Scientific Society (H.E.S.S.) club in Houston, Texas. Our members help each other find jobs in the energy industry, opportunities in the international energy industry, and share ideas on the current status of the global oil and gas markets.


If you are an oil and gas professional in the energy industry who is seeking membership in a petroleum society, please call NOMADS at 281.462.0139 or stop by our next oil and gas association meeting in Houston.


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